• Therapy for Teens

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    Is your teen under a lot of stress? Has your teen lost interest in his/her favorite hobbies? Is your teen suffering from an eating disorder? Do you suspect he/she is using drugs?

    For most people, teenage years are a combination of memorable moments, burgeoning freedom, and a tremendous amount of stress. Teens are experiencing mental, physical, and hormonal changes, and an increased desire for social acceptance.

    Teens may face serious challenges that impact their mental health and well-being.

    • Loss – Includes death of a loved one, including a pet. and parental separation or divorce. Loss also includes when a family moves to a new location and the teen must enroll in a new school.
    • Stress –There are healthy levels of stress that can even be motivating. However, too much stress can cause burnout at any age. Many teens face tremendous amounts of stress related to school, work, and peers.
    • Violence – Teens may experience various types of violence at school and/or home. If unaddressed, the long-term impact of violence may result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

    What Are Some of the Most Effective Types of Therapy for Teens?

    There are three general types of therapy for teens experiencing mental health issues:

    Individual Therapy

    In these private, one-on-one sessions, a therapist will utilize an evidence-based treatment approach, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to help the teen understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

    Group Therapy

    Group therapy can be very effective because it allows teens to observe their peers’ decision-making and problem-solving ability. Most groups have five to seven teens and one leader who will ask questions and guide the conversation.

    Family Therapy

    In these sessions, the teen attends therapy with guardian(s), and sometimes even with siblings. This style of therapy enables the family to improve communication and resolve conflicts.

    The type of therapy most effective for the teen is based on several factors and should be determined by a trained Therapist. Often, the Therapist will use a combination of all three of these types of therapy.

    If your teen is struggling right now and could benefit from therapy, please reach out to me.