• "I envision a world where mental health stigma is nonexistent because wellness is proactive and collaborative!"

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    Often times, we minimize the challenges in our life because we’re more likely to be celebrated for being “strong”, “resilient”, and “flexible”. Some challenges appear like a small weed, but even a small weed, left unattended, can grow and negatively affect everything around it. Whether your weed is a relationship, habit, or traumatic event, there is hope for a better tomorrow. 

    The key is to be aware of what is going on both around you and inside you, staying open to opportunities to authentically express what you believe and who you are – Stacey Abrams

    You may be hesitant to seek support for personal matters, the weeds in your life. But, consider companion planting and the way plants provide mutual benefits. In fact, companion planting also helps to suppress weeds.

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    Compassionate & Professional

    I believe that wellness is best kultivated through introspection, education, and connection. You can trust that I will treat you with respect, dignity, and compassion in every interaction, while maintaining the highest standards for integrity and ethics.

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    About Bianca Smith, LCSW

    I am a Psychotherapist with a wide range of experience in depression, anxiety, substance-related and addictive disorders, and trauma-related disorders. I have also received specialized education and training in the integration of faith and practice. My approach is holistic, collaborative, and strength-based.

    I enjoy learning, traveling, music, and comedy! But most importantly, iKultivate!