• Therapy for Depression

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    Therapy for Depression

    Are you feeling hopeless, isolated, and not your usual self?

    Are any of these thoughts or feelings familiar to you?

    • I feel worthless.
    • I just want to eat, sleep, and be alone.
    • I hate who I’ve become.
    • I cry often.
    • I have aches and pains that I can’t explain.
    • I’m just tired of the way things are, and the way they’ve been.

    If you have had any variation of these thoughts or feelings, you may be experiencing depression.

    Therapy can help to alleviate current symptoms of depression and prevent future episodes of distress.

    Some clients are concerned about social stigmas associated with depression, but iKultivate was founded to help clients explore environmental, biological, and circumstantial factors that may be contributing to their depression.

    If you are ready for propagation, a process of growing and creating, contact me today to get started.